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PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 9:38 pm    Post subject: About Us Reply with quote

Hello and welcome. Tears for Gears is a guild on the Anub'Arak realm. The founders of the guild are a couple that grew tired of the 40 man end game raids on a PvE server and decided that the Burning Crusade would be a perfect opportunity to reroll Horde on a PvP server.

We want a TEAM of people that plays well together, has fun, focuses on the task at hand while raiding, and has a place where everyone can speak their mind, but without all the extra stuff that makes it seem like a job. In a way, we're kind of a guild for people who don't like guilds.

We like:

    People that enjoy playing World of Warcraft. You might think that if they are playing the game, they enjoy it, but this is not necessarily true. Personally, I get a kick out of just about every aspect of the game including, but not limited to leveling professions, reading patch notes, and mercilessly destroying night elves.

    People that play well and play well with others. This doesn't mean we want nice people over good players. We want both. If you can't play your class well, you must at least show a desire to improve. Additionally, you must have a decent computer and a stable internet connection. These contribute to skill in a number of ways and are therefore necessary.

    Players that can install addons.

    All Members being equal. We aren't going to create a group of officers. We've discovered that cool people turn into jerks when given authority over others...and that's just lame.

    Simple Loot Distribution. One of the GMs is a former point officer of an end game guild. We realized fairly quickly that DKP sucks. It ends up causing more drama and angst in the game than the game itself. Believe it or not, there is a better way. We will be using Suicide Kings as do several other guilds on various servers. You can read about it here.

    PvE and PvP. We aren't going to be a guild that does one or the other. We'll be doing both. We may be doing both on the same night. Who knows? The point is you are welcome to do either. For example, priests in this guild won't be guilt tripped into PvEing if they feel like PvPing instead. Capiche?

We don't like:

    Whiners, criers, dicks, asshats, or ninjas.
    If you are any of these, you won't last long here. No one wants to be bugged incessantly about giving you gold, or items, or running you through instances.

    Members under the age of 17.
    Sorry, I know there are some mature kiddos out there, but we have to draw the line.

Post in this forum if you are interested in our guild or speak in-game to Porcelina or Grimsheeper.

Thank you for your interest.
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