If you wish to speak with a Guild Master regarding our guild or any of our members, please email us and include screenshots where applicable.

I added the Quotes page to the website. I posted an exchange I witnessed by the mailbox in Orgrimmar one day over the span of about 3 minutes. Send me more! I'm also working on a second guide that includes optimal reputation gain for the Outland factions. I should have the first part posted soon.

I've added a Guides section to the website that has a leveling guide to the Outland. Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh are the first two zones so these guides can be used to get you started. I'll be updating them frequently as I level to fix any errors and timing issues with regard to hearthstone time etc. Wait until the 17th before distributing the link to give me a little headstart on correcting them. - Mairen

We have Ventrilo! Register on the forums and check the Guild Information to get the server information. Whisper me if you need upgraded access to the forums. -Mairen

Calendar link is active! Get the mod and start using it ;) Oh, you have to register for the forums to see it? Yes, DO IT! =P -Mairen

Forums up! All the links at the top should work for ya. Obviously, calendar and progression will not link to anything until we get rolling. -Mairen

As you can see, the website is up and running (yay!), but still under construction (boo!). I'll be working on the forums next and hopefully will get them operational by tonight. -Mairen